Make your social network capture a nicer design before sharing it

Most of your when you found a good post on a social network and want to share it with your fan or customer on a different channel you will capture it through common screenshot tools and share it directly to your channel like this

It looks not very bad but sometimes isn’t look good enough for professional use Postr will help you as a social media specialist or media publisher to modernize your capture to be like this.

Postr provides full function with web-based with that capability you do not need to install any application on your computer or phone. Go direct to and fill in the social media post URL will immediately generate a picture that you can share with your channel. Currently, Postr supports Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram

Progressive Web App

With the concept of Postr, we don’t want our users to install anything on the device. We make Postr fully support mobile devices and much easier We provide the share button that makes you can share directly to social network applications. For the Android user, Postr provides a feature to share your post directly from a social network application by system share dialog as well. In case you want to install Postr we are providing functions to install with the Progressive Web App experience.

Browser Extension

To Enhance the desktop experience Postr also provides a chrome extension for making generating pictures through Postr is a lot easier. Postr button will appear on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram websites when Postr is able to capture. Currently, the only browser support extension is Chrome but another browser is coming soon

Even Postr is a side project that does not focus on revenue-generating but we have a strong intention to make sharing content across the social network much better. Last but now least please help me to vote for my product on Product hunt

Enjoy a nice capturing of your stories with

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